WMZAMK / WMZAMW Single jet dry dial meter with modular counter Class B


SKU-WMZAMK15 15mm (Cold)

SKU-WMZAMW15 15mm (Hot)

SKU-WMZAM-N Reed Switch/Pluse for Apartment Meters Hot/Cold

The single-jet meter is suited to flow rates of up to Qn 2,5. It has a very low starting value and can be installed horizontally or vertically. The compact design of the dry dial meter allows it to be installed in confined or hard-to reach places. Its 8-digits roller counter guarantees correct readout results. 

WMZAMK can be used for cold water up to 30°C. The hot water version WMZAMW is an alternative for temperatures of up to 90°C. 

PLEASE NOTE: These products have limited stock remaining 

  • The cold water model offers safety up to 50°C
  • The cold water model offers safety up to 50°C
  • Standard 1 pulse per 1 litre
  • Operating Pressure up to 10 bar

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