Tridon Galv Hose Clip


SKU-000 9.5mm - 12mm

SKU-M00 11mm - 16mm

SKU-00 13mm - 20mm

SKU-R0 16mm - 22mm

SKU-0X 18mm - 25mm

SKU-00X 19mm - 22mm

SKU-1A 22mm - 30mm

SKU-1 25mm - 35mm

SKU-1X 30mm - 40mm

SKU-2A 35mm - 50mm

SKU-2 40mm - 55mm

SKU-2X 50mm - 60mm

SKU-3 55mm - 70mm

SKU-4 70mm - 90mm

SKU-5 90mm - 120mm

SKU-6 110mm - 140mm

SKU-7 135mm - 160mm

  • Part stainless solid band clamp range provides superior design and proven reliability
  • 430 grade stainless steel band
  • Manufactured using a solid stainless steel band with a rolled edge and smooth underside to prevent hose damage and deliver high strength for superior sealing
  • Available with removable safety collar to prevent screwdriver slip injuries, the MP series is ideal for industrial, hardware, automotive and general applications
  • 000-2 available in boxes of 10, 2X - 7 available as single units.

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