Rain Bird ESP LXD 2 Wire Decoder Controller


SKU-IESPLXDA Rain Bird ESP-LXD 50 Station Modular to 200 Station, 2 Wire Decoder, Outdoor Controller

SKU-ESPLXDSM75 Rain Bird ESP-LXD 75 Station Expansion Module

50 – 200 station capable Two-Wire Decoder Commercial Controller

The ESP-LXD controller has been designed to maintain the look, feel and ease of programming of the ESP-LXME controller but with an interface to a two-wire path for decoder-based irrigation. The ESP-LXD controller can manage up to 50 stations but can easily be expanded for use with up to 200 stations. Flow Management is also built into every ESP-LXD controller.

Controller Features

  • 50-station capability standard expandable to 200 stations with optional ESPLXD-SM75 modules
  • Four available sensor inputs (one wired plus up to three decoder managed) with override switch
  • Five flow sensors supported
  • Supported decoders: FD-101TURF, FD-102TURF, FD-202TURF, FD-401TURF, FD-601TURF
  • Supports SD-210TURF sensor decoders (flow sensing and weather sensor support) and LSP-1 line surge protectors (one per 500 feet of two-wire path required)
  • Central Control capable with Rain Bird IQ Communications Cartridges and software (see pg. 102)
  • Advanced Features From Cycle+Soak™ to Contractor Default Program™, the ESP-LXD offers innovative features proven to cut installation expenses, troubleshooting time and water use
  • Program backup and barcode decoder address entry with the optional PBCLXD
  • Six user-selectable languages
  • Removable front panel is programmable under battery power
  • Plastic, locking, UV resistant, wall-mount case, Optional Metal and Stainless Steel Case & Pedestal
  • Compatible with Rain Bird Landscape Irrigation and Maintenance Remote - Flow Smart Module™ factory installed or field upgradable
  • Plastic, locking, UV resistant, wall-mount case, Optional Metal and Stainless Steel Case & Pedestal

Water Management Features

  • Cycle+Soak™ by station
  • Rain Delay
  • Calendar Day Off
  • Programmable Delay Between Stations by program
  • Master Valve programmable by station
  • Sensor programmable by station
  • Program & Monthly Seasonal Adjust

Diagnostic Features

  • Programming prompts
  • Alarm light with external case lens
  • Electronic circuit breaker
  • Program review
  • Variable test program
  • Two-wire diagnostics to simplify and expedite troubleshooting
  • Station timing: 0 min to 12 hrs Program level and global Monthly Seasonal Adjust; 0% to 300% (16 hrs maximum station run time) 4 independent programs (ABCD); ABC programs stack, ABCD overlap 8 start times per program Program Day Cycles include Custom days of the week, Odd, Odd no 31st, Even, and Cyclical dates Manual station, program, test program
  • cULus [US and Canada], WaterSense (when upgraded with ET Manager Cartridge) [US], CE [European Union], IPX4, RCM [Australia and New Zealand], Smart Approved WaterMark [Australia].
  • LXMM metal wall-mount case LXMM-PED metal pedestal IQ-NCC Network Communication Cartridge ESP-LXD-SM75 75-station module PBC-LXD Programming Backup Cartridge
  • Input required: 120 VAC ± 10%, 60Hz (International models: 230 VAC ± 10%, 50Hz; Australian Models: 240 VAC ± 10%, 50Hz) Power back-up: Lithium coin-cell battery maintains time and date while nonvolatile memory maintains the schedule Multi-valve station capacity: up to 2 solenoid valves per station; simultaneous operation of up to eight solenoids and/or master valves
  • 14.32” x 12.69” x 5.50” (36.4 x 32.2 x 14.0 cm)